Professional GPGPU Computing Solution Provider

Paraken Technology Co., Ltd. is a professional GPGPU (General

Purpose GPU) computing solution provider founded in 2010. Our

mobile video processing app-Musemage, has been recommended

as “Best New App” by the App Store in over 14 countries.

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Paraken is providing video processing SDK with various features
including real-time beautify, image stabilization, clipping and
filters, which is widely adopted by app and mobile device
Our SDK could be used in Live, social, communication, shopping
apps which improves user’s photo/video capturing experience.


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Musemage integrates a variety of shooting modes, video, photos, blue screen shooting, time-lapse videography, stop-motion. In each mode supports, a variety of filters and effects could be applied to achieve revolutionary results. Musemage’s interface is easy to use, with swipes or taps you can switch modes and settings. It makes advanced technology simple to use!



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When you want to record your journeys, travels and stories, then "Tourvids" would be a must-have App of your adventure. Tourvids includes video watermark, video stabilization, automatic night mode, video editing, style filters, beautify and other amazing features.


Desktop Version of Musemage

Desktop version of Musemage can achieve two hundred million pixel image processing in real-time on an entry-level PC! The Desktop version of Musemage with fast speed processing and simple-brief user interface combines various image-processing functions which includes the strong image adjustment tools, abundant color filters, easy-use of portrait beautify, lots of special effect, etc.



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